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What is Angela and Paul style link building?

Angela and Paul style link building is advance technique of link building through which we can generate back link for our site. Angela and Paul target the high page rank sites to increase the traffic, rank your keywords and authority of your site at affordable cost and creating a good quality back link like having a paid link, quality back link. A good back link will be found on a high PR website that has content along the same lines as your own site. Angela and Paul Back link service offers back link packets to its subscribers according to the need of client.some facter for better linking
Age of the site –older website is the better
Number of outbound links on the site that’s linking to you – the fewer the OBL’s the better
The types of sites being linked to on the host site – only relevant info on relevant sites should be added which is only helpful for the site.Page Rank of the site linking to you –page rank also plays a important role in linking but it does best work if have relevancy And last but definitely not least – the niche of the linking site – If we can get a high PR link from a quality site that’s in the same niche as you then you’re in great shape.